How can I get a nicotine prescription in 2021

A great option if your GP is not willing to prescribe your required nicotine base.

RACGP’ website released a set of recommendations to GP’s on nicotine prescriptions that are just ridiculous.

As you can see in this link, RACGP President Dr Karen Price has encouraged all GPs to familiarise themselves with the changes and “to apply discretion and judgment when considering the patient’s individual circumstances”.

“Avoid prescribing free-base nicotine at concentrations over 20mg/mL and limit the quantity of nicotine vaping products per prescription to a maximum of three months’ supply (and align the duration of supply with the timing of follow-up)Avoid the use of flavours or limit these to just tobacco flavour since flavouring chemicals are not standardised and their safety for inhalation into the lung is not known”

What to do then?

First and foremost, you should contact your GP and try to get your prescription. If your GP is not willing to prescribe your required nicotine base, we would suggest using for your prescriptions.

PLEASE NOTE: This post is informational only. The Steamery Australia has no links with any GPs nor

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