Founded in 2012 under the name “Steam-e-cigs” by Natalie & Maxim, two ex-smokers that had seen the light and successfully quit smoking thanks to vaping. The Steamery started as an alternative to smoking, and then it became a passion with the mission to offer this viable alternative to as many smokers as possible.


Making the leap from market stall to shopfront was a daunting thought at first, but the demand and support from the Sydney Vaping Community to finally have a Vape Shop open all week round pushed Nat and Maxim to take the leap. On opening day there were well over 50+ vapers from across Sydney in attendance. Nat and Maxim realised then and there that Brick and Mortar stores were the best way to get as many people successfully quitting.


Fire! There is a fire in the store! Those were the unconsolable words of Nat at 3:00 am on a Thursday in mid April 2015. Due to a malfunctioning cooler that started the fire, that night while they were sleeping, everything they had built at that time with so much effort and love was burning and consuming under the flames.

Later that morning, the Fire & Rescue department of NSW registered the shop finding damages on all the property, everything was burnt or damaged and couldn’t be saved.


Almost everything was lost that night but instead of losing hope, Nat and Maxim decided to risk it all and keep our dream alive, we decided to be reborn in many ways and learn from the mistakes of the past. The Steamery was the new name in which we wanted to rebuild our dream.

Blood, sweat, tears and much love were needed to make the store a space we were proud of, where the vaping community can find a friendly environment to get in touch with the best of the vaping world.


We decided to only sell high quality industry leading products and brands, from starter kits to mechanical mods and e-liquid from all over the world at competitive prices. We look for quality and consistency in everything we sell to ensure that nothing but the finest lands on the hands of our customers. Also by putting extra effort and love into our own Steam-e-juice line, all hand made with the highest quality vape friendly ingredients; we aim to achieve a true to flavour experience that is high quality, enjoyable and delicious at an affordable price.


In 2016 we decided to revamp our online experience, so we put together the best range of products that we had in store at the time. We managed to create a great online reputation by having great knowledge on the industry standards and most importantly offering devices and e-liquid that still are the best of their kind. In a short period of time we were able to aggressively shorten the shipping time frames, improve product photography for better visualisation of the product, stronger product descriptions to assist the consumer in their purchasing decision, and how to give the same kind of experience that we give in store but to our online customers.

We aim to improve everyday by working hard, with good ethics and great service spirit, we know no one is perfect but we are working to be our best version everyday and be the best Vape shop in Australia.

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