DIY 101: E-Liquid

What Do I Need to start? First off, you need the four components that make up all e-juice: Propylene Glycol – Other...

Vaping etiquette – How to Vape 101!

Whilst some people are more than happy to vape in the privacy of their own homes, others are happy to vape publicall...

Mouth to lung vs Direct lung inhale

There is no denying the fact that smoking is unsafe and highly dangerous to health, but if you are really looking fo...

Mech mods VS regulated mods

Mech mods VS regulated mods With a bewildering array of products and systems it can be tough learning the technica...

Is Vaping safer than smoking

Vaping, is it safer than smoking? Comparing the stench of tobacco smoke and ash vs. the generally pleasant fragran...

Speed steeping - what it is, why it helps, and how to do it properly

When it comes to eliquid, a majority of fresh juices need to be steeped. If you’re buying bottles of ready-made liq...

Doublers and Singlers explained

Doublers and Singlers explained New to vaping? There are many questions when getting started – like what are the bes...

Battery Safety 101

Battery safety, Wraps/rewraps and battery boxes.   We have all seen the media hype around battery explosions, and at...

My coil tastes burnt!

My coil tastes burnt even when I have just changed it! It’s an interesting and challenging preposition to be faced w...
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