Battery Safety 101

Battery safety, Wraps/rewraps and battery boxes.


We have all seen the media hype around battery explosions, and at face value it can seem really scary. But the reality is that if the correct batteries are used and the batteries are treated well, you wont find yourself in a prickly situation. First things first when wrapped correctly, either factory wraps or good quality rewraps (the Steamery can help out with this) lithium ion batteries are safe. However, they should never be carried loose in your pocket, get a battery box as they cost very little and are an important part of safe vaping.


Battery wraps.

Battery wraps protect the outer surface of the battery and help ensure you don’t suffer a catastrophic short. There has been mass media hype over vaping being unsafe, but, if used correctly and stored right batteries pose no threat. Here are some pics on how to change your battery wraps.

If you use an E-cigthat uses a battery with any kind of casing, specifically 18650, 26650 batteries (et all), If you see that the outer wrapper or shrink wrap is damaged in anyway, you can get them rewrapped, however, if the battery was damaged enough to break the casing, it is most likely better to replace it. Check your batteries often for signs of stress and damage. This would include torn or damaged shrink wrap but also includes;

  • Dented Casing
  • Bulging Casing
  • odd smell
  • anything that looks less than perfect


Tips on battery Safety.

  • Use the same batteries together, if your mod/E-cig uses 2 batteries. Buy 4 and label two pairs of them. Now always use those with each other. Keep them married to each other.
  • Take care of them, don’t just throw them in a drawer and let them bang around. Buy battery holders, they are little plastic cases that will keep them safe and secure. Plus they are only a few bucks and mean additional safety.
  • Buy a Good battery Charger, The battery charger you buy will make a huge difference in the health and longevity of your batteries. If you forget to take them out of the charger a good one will not keep feeding the battery.
  • Buy Good batteries, seek reputable advice if you are not sure, remember we are always happy to help with these kinds of questions. The batteries you use are vital. Know the company you are buying from. Don’t just go on eBay and buy the cheapest you can find. Don’t be cheap here. Spend a few extra bucks and buy quality. A great saying in the industry, if they don’t make good TV’s, they aren’t worth buying. i.e. Samsung, LG, Sony.


The Mod/E-cig.

Buy an E-cig/Mod with Safety Features, Not all E-cigs/ Mods are created equally. If you are new to vaping you should really try to stay away from mechanical mods or anything without some kind of safety features, many Regulated mods these days will come with a bunch of features to keep you safe such as;

  • Reverse Battery Protection: This will make sure your mod doesn’t blow up if you put the batteries in the wrong way.
  • Short Circuit Protection: Sometimes when working with electricity you will have a short. It could be from a coil that is touching something or a ground, etc. This feature ensures you don’t find out about it the hard way.
  • Overheat cut-out: if the battery or mod/e-cig get too hot it will automatically shut down for safety.
  • Over time fire protection: This cuts power to your coil after a pre determined time, usually around 10 seconds so you don’t burn out your mod/coil and helps protect you.


The short story.


Use reputable batteries and take care of them, buy a good charger and ensure your batteries and wraps are safe to use each time you use them. Spare batteries should be carried in a battery box and never loose. Use a reputable E-Cig/Mod and if ever in doubt ask a reputable dealer for advice.

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