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Is Vaping safer than smoking

Posted on 15 March 2017

Vaping, is it safer than smoking?

Comparing the stench of tobacco smoke and ash vs. the generally pleasant fragrance of e-liquid vapour is a no- brainer! Smoking cigarettes burns tobacco which releases toxic chemicals and particulates that not only affect the smoker, but can affect others too- the ‘passive smoking effect’.

In many countries around the world media releases have confirmed that vaping is indeed safer than smoking tobacco based cigarettes and could lead to the demise of traditional smoking as we know it.

Electronic cigarettes have been reported as up to 95% less harmful to the body than traditional tobacco cigarettes.  https://www.gov.uk/government/news/e-cigarettes-around-95-less-harmful-than-tobacco-estimates-landmark-review

Chemicals in tobacco cigarette smoke include:

Acetaldehyde, Acetone, Acrolein, Acrylonitrile, 1-aminonaphthalene, 2-aminonaphthalene, Ammonia, Benzene, Benzo[a]pyrene, 1,3-Butadiene, Butyraldehyde, Cadmium, Carbon Monoxide, Catechol, Chromium, Cresol, Crotonaldehyde, Formaldehyde, Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydroquinone, Isoprene, Lead, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Nickel, Nicotine, Nitric Oxide, NNN, NNK, and NAT, Phenol, Propionaldehyde, Pyridine, Quinoline, Resorcinol, Styrene and Toluene- Yuck- Some very nasty stuff!

Componenets in e cigarette vapour includes:

Nicotine (if mixed in doubler – not all vapers vape with nicotine), Pharmaceutical grade Propylene glycol and Vegetable glycerine.

Comparing the lists above you can see the advantages of vaping – it does not include anywhere near the range of harsh chemicals that tobacco cigarettes contain, making them a healthier and safer alternative.

Vaping does not generate smoke, it creates vapour. No more smoky clothes and stained home fabrics, no ‘smokers fingers’ either.  

The cost of tobacco cigarettes on health and on the wallet far out way the cost of e cigarettes – so it’s easy to see why some many people are seeking the safer alternative to smoking and switching to vaping!

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