Mech mods VS regulated mods

Mech mods VS regulated mods

With a bewildering array of products and systems it can be tough learning the technical differences of vaping gear. Don’t worry- this blog will explain it. What is a regulated mod and a mechanical mod you ask? Here we will explain exactly what mechanical mods and regulated mods are!

What is a Regulated Mod?

A regulated mod is a personal vape device that contains a circuit board to regulate the current.  Generally speaking regulated mods give users protection against battery protection, circuit protection and are the ‘plug and play’ choice many vapers choose.

Regulated mods are excellent for longer battery life, increased safety, and are easy to use and charge.

What is a Mech Mod?

A mechanical mod is a vape device, which is essentially is a tube that holds a replaceable battery and there is a switch. A mechanical mod does not contain any circuitry of internal wires and runs power directly from the battery.

Mech mods are super durable and ideal for users looking for a dependable device with initial increased wattage output and voltage, and although not as electronically complex they are hugely popular with vapers.

So what is the difference Mech vs Regulated?

Regulated mods are easy to use without too much vaping experience, perfect for someone to pick up and use straight away and great for both casual and experienced vapers who prefer safety.

Mech mods are for the more advanced vapers as they require a more detailed knowledge of ohms law and building RDA’s/RTA’s in order for it to be used safely and gain the most enjoyment from it. It is highly recommended that newbies avoid using mechs at first.

Neither is better than the other in our opinion – it is purely based on personal preference, experience and knowledge. There is a vape set up for just about any user or purpose- just remember that no matter what mod you are rocking, be sure to have safety as the first thought!

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