Speed steeping - what it is, why it helps, and how to do it properly

When it comes to eliquid, a majority of fresh juices need to be steeped. If you’re buying bottles of ready-made liquid off the shelf, most of these steps will likely be unnecessary since the juice has already had time to sit after being prepared. However, if you DIY or if you’re using Doublers, you will most likely experience an improvement in flavor if you allow your liquid to steep before using it. Steeping is the process of allowing the different flavorings that make up an eliquid to blend on a molecular level with themselves, the PG, and the VG. You will tend to find that fruitier flavors won’t need a steep as much as their creamy or desserty cousins do.  In this article, I will be getting into a few ways of safely forcing this process to occur in a quick and efficient manner. To kick it off, I’ll start with the easiest method for us Aussies to use.

  • Your Hot Car! This process is by far the simplest; all it entails is popping your bottles into the glove box for a few hours when it’s warm out—That’s it!
  • Hot Rice-This method requires you to heat up a bowl full of dry rice in the microwave and then burrowing your bottles into it and letting them sit until all is cool to the touch.
  • Hot Water-This is probably the most popular way to speed steep your juice; all it requires is for you to place your bottles into a vessel with warm water that is not quite boiling hot and leaving them until cool. Some people go as far as using a rice cooker or a crock pot in the “keep warm” setting to allow the juices to stay warm for hours, periodically checking them for optimal flavor.


Feel free to repeat these steps until you’re left with something gorgeous! Keep in mind that some flavors will fail to improve even after a steep and that some will taste as great after a steep as they do fresh—every flavor is different. Lastly, don’t forget that steeping is a process that will still occur naturally. If you’re of the more patient type, you can always leave your freshly mixed bottles in the drawer for 1-3 weeks; simply making sure to give them a quick shake every couple of days to encourage flavor mingling. You’ll notice your juices may even turn out slightly better if you take the hands-off approach.

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