Dispelling the media efforts to damage a life saving alternative

Dr. Colin Mendelsohn explains on the Channel 9 Today Show that the outbreak of respiratory disease in the US has nothing to do with vaping nicotine to quit smoking. It is due to contaminants in black market THC (cannabis) oils.

There has recently been a delayed spike in Australian media over suspected deaths in the US pertaining to vaping. This is a quick email to help clarify what has actually happened and hopefully put some minds at ease.

Firstly, the first flag that must be noted is why has this happened all at once? The answer is unfortunately quite simple. All the cases confirmed by CDC in the US pertain to the use of THC oil with with Vitamin E Acetate. The vaping of OIL has long been known, especially when the extraction method is using butane, to have a detrimental impact to ones respiratory system. All cases have occurred around the same time, which seems to indicate this is a batch related circumstance of THC oil.

How does this relate to the use of Nicotine vaping? It doesn’t. None of these cases pertain to the exclusive use of nicotine vaping.

Why did we mention a “delayed spike” in Australian media? For those that love a good conspiracy theory, then you might like this. The CDC in the US confirmed the issue of respiratory issues linked with THC vaping in June*. This issue has been well known for multiple months now, but Australian media have started speaking abut it in late September with news articles accelerating in the lead up to 12.5% increase in Tobacco tax.

What better way to stop the bleeding out of tobacco tax as people move to vaping than to discredit one of the most disruptive technologies in modern times?

The one thing we know for sure is that vaping in its traditional sense, has not caused any confirmed deaths in the 10 years that it has become more mainstream, but the Australian media seems to be spinning the concept of an “epidemic” out of nowhere.

With Australia being the only Western Democratic country in the world that does not allow the sale of nicotine within its borders, we must be diligent and impartial when listening to the media. 

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