What is an e-Cig?

What is an e-cig?

An e-cig is compromised generally of two parts, a battery and an atomizer. When the battery is activated, it will activate the atomizer and heat up a coil that will evaporate the e-juice. This vapour will then be inhaled by the Vaper.


With all battery specifications you will read “mAh”. This is the capacity of the battery, the higher the mAh the longer the run time between charges.


The atomizer is a heating element that vapourizes e-liquid. It is widely regarded as the purest form of vaping but is also the least convenient as it requires the vaper to drip e-juice directly onto the atomizer every couple of puffs. The major benefit of doing this though is that it is one of the best ways to taste e-liquid as it provides the best flavour.


Clearomizers are widely regarded as the most popular form of atomizing devices. They are easy to clean, easy to fill and some models such as the Vision V3 and Kanger T2 give you the ability to replace the coil head as opposed to throwing out the whole clearomizer unit. A great all-day vape system that comes in a range of capacities from 1ml to 4+mls. 


The cartomizer has a sponge like filler that soaks up e-juice and feeds the atomizer. It generally will give you 1 hrs vape-time before it needs to be refilled. 

Cartomizer tank

This is a great option for all day Vapers as it gives you the ability to hold higher amounts of e-juice. The cartomizer has either holes or slots on the bottom half of the cartomizer that feeds e-juice from the tank to keep the cartomizer filled.

There are a few tips with cartomizer tanks. They are:

1. To fill a tank system, slide the tank up the cartomizer giving you a gap between the top of the cartomizer and the tank head. In between this gap fill your tank till it reaches close to the tip of the cartomizer and then slide the tank back down to its original position. This will minimize flooding the cartomizer due to pressure.

2. A big mistake that newbie cartomizer users do is when they fill the tank systems up, they start vaping straight away. This will generally result in a burnt taste or dry hit, NOT PLEASANT! This is because the filler has not had any time to soak up enough e-juice, and subsequently not feed the atomizer. A freshly filled cartomizer or tank should be given 10-15 mins sitting time for the filler to properly soak up. To help speed up this process, take a few draws WITHOUT ACTIVATING THE BUTTON. This will result in the cartomizer drawing in e-juice from the tank. A good indicator is if there is bubbles coming out of the holes/slots or the level of the e-juice drops in the tank.


Mods are more for the intermediate/advanced users. Mods generally give the Vaper the ability to monitor battery voltage and to change the voltage (variable voltage). These will generally hold lithium batteries and have larger capacities and be charged via an external battery charger.

Variable voltage

This feature gives you the ability to “turn up” the voltage of your device, in turn increase the vapour, throat hit, and in some cases increase flavour.


Resistance relates to the atomizer and is represented as ohmage. Simply put, the higher voltage you have on your battery, the higher ohmage you will need on your atomizer.

1.8ohm atomizer is ideal for 3.7 volt devices such as the standard ego batteries.

2.1ohm atomizers are also ideal for 3.7 devices and up to 4.2 volts

2.8 ohm atomizers are high resistance and are ideal with variable voltage devices up to 4.8 volts


E-liquid is essentially the liquid that you vapourize with your atomizer. These come in a range of flavours.

What is the difference between a Singler and Doubler?

A Singler is e-liquid that can be vaped on its own but cannot be diluted down to add nicotine.

A doubler is e-liquid that can be split in half, nicotine can then be added to your desired strength, and then topped up with Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). This will in turn maintain the flavour of a Singler. 
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