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  • Arkon by VapinArchitect - The Steamery
  • Arkon by VapinArchitect - The Steamery


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Product Details

The Arkon mod is a highly desired and difficult Squonk mod to obtain. The Steamery is proud to confirm that batch 6 has been secured for retail sale in Australia, meaning an update billet button.


We have secured batch 6 of the Alumide version in both 18650 and 20700 configuration.


ALUMIDE is a 3D printed material consisting of nylon filled with aluminum dust that gives it a metallic and light textured finish, with its name being a combo of the words aluminum and polymide.

The ARKON is printed by sintering a tray of powder, layer by layer with a laser “SLS” .


• ARKON uses solid 24 gauge .999 silver for negative and positive contacts to insure best conductivity with heat wrap in parts where a connection isn’t necessary, which are all hand made.

• ARKON uses the new Varitube 25mm 510.

• ARKON comes with the brand new Black Cappy V4RS Kompakt bottle with Delrin cap

which is composed of food grade silicone, non-toxic extremely soft and not subject to

degradation. The cap is made from 316 stainless steel which perfectly seals the bottle.

• ARKON is designed and assembled by Issac Gutierrez “The VapinArchitect” in Salem,

Oregon. All work is drawn and modelled in Solidworks and some in Autodesk Inventor.

• ARKON uses the best materials in its class and has many accessories such as

stabilized wood doors/buttons and Billet aluminum parts.


• ARKON is a fully mechanical device and comes in a single 18650 version as well as a new 20700 version, also VA Mods is currently working on some regulated devices that will release soon as well as a special edition with PSYCLONE MODS in the works now.

• ARKON measures in at 55.75 x 78 x 27mm to insure a well-balanced strong device that fits a grown man’s hand with well calculated insides for all components.

• ARKON also has a strong fabric nylon battery strap for easy removal of the cell and rare earth magnets on the back of the door.

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