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  • Heaps Good Coils - The Steamery


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Heaps Good Coils currently come in two variants - Fused Claptons and Framed Staples. Both are specially made here in Sydney by one of our own Steamers!
The Heaps Good Fused Clapton coils are designed to provide smooth dense flavorful vapour, with a quick ramp-up time no matter what rebuildable atomiser you choose to install them in.
Fused Clapton Coil Specs:
  • 2x27g TMN80
  • 1x40g N80
  • 3mm Diameter
  • 0.2ohm with Dual Coils installed
The Heaps Good Framed Staple coils are designed specifically with the cloud bros in mind. The ribbon wire core provides quick ramp up by reducing the metal mass to surface area ratio while the 40ga N80 wrap is used to produce smooth dense flavorful vapour. These Heaps Good Framed Staples are a perfect build to run on Goon & Kennedy style atomizers.
Framed Staple Coil Specs: 
  • 2x28ga KA1
  • 6x0.4mm KA1
  • 1x40ga N80
  • 0.15ohm (dual coil)
  • ID: 3.5mm, 5 wrap



Please be fully aware of ohms law and battery saftey when using these coils particularly due to there low resistance.

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