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An All-Exclusive Vape Shop Is Now Available At Alexandria!

Once you get addicted to smoking, quitting can be a challenging task. You might have tried quitting several times, but everything might have been in vain. So if you are finding it hard to quit smoking, then a better alternative is to try vaping. Vaping has experienced a growing trend in Alexandria and Australia as many people (above 18 years)consider them a more viable option than cigarettes or cigars. If you are the one who is looking for the best vape shop in Alexandria, then your search finally ends here.

Buy the best vapes in Alexandria.

The Steamery is a leading online vape shop in Alexandria. We deal with starter kits, quality liquid, and all types of vapes. We offer vaping kits that come at affordable prices and products that are worth the money. We believe that our customers should acquire the highest-quality vapes; hence we deal with various well-known brands so that our customers have several options to choose from. We also deal in coils, tanks, and other vaping accessories.

A vape shop with all your vaping needs in Alexandria.

We are the leading e‐cigarette retailer with more than 100 exclusive goods in stock. With the idea of bringing you the best products available in the e-cigarette market, we have continuously added new products and grown our inventory since 2012. We strive to offer consumers the best vapes in Alexandria and other Australian cities and ensure that the products are delivered quickly, at affordable costs, and with exceptional customer support.

Get 100% genuine products from our vape shop in Alexandria.

You can browse at The Steamery with confidence knowing that you’re getting authentic electronic cigarette products directly from the manufacturer. We have developed strong business ties with the biggest names in the industry as one of the major distributors of electronic cigarettes and accessories in Australia. This enables us to provide the best vapes and accessories in Alexandria with competitive rates in the marketplace!

Like to know about our vape shop history?

The Steamery was established in 2012 by Natalie & Maxim, two ex-smokers who had effectively decided to give up smoking owing to vaping under the brand “Steam-e-cigs.” Intending to provide this healthy substitute for smoking to as many smoking addicts as feasible, The Steamery began as a substitute for smoking and later developed into a passion.

We strive to be our best authentic store and the finest vape shop in Alexandria and all over Australia. We want to develop our standards and products each day, providing great customer service.

Why choose us as your next-door vape shop?

There has never been a better time to swap from conventional cigarettes to vaping, as evidenced by the many new clients!

Our inventory, both in-store and online, is constantly growing. You now have excellent options to get your DIY mixing and vaping equipment at low, inexpensive pricing. Additionally, we provide a selection of starter kits, tanks, rebuildable components, batteries, and coils that are ideal for vapers of all skill levels. Our in-house premium and low-cost e-liquid brands come in a range of flavours and pricing points to meet the demands of everyone! To give you the finest, we’ve partnered with well-known businesses.

Got queries? Take a vape and get it all sorted with our customer service support!

If you are interested in buying vapes from us, you can visit our store near Alexandria or purchase them online. Call us at (02) 9698 2623 or mail us your queries at to get the perfect solution.

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