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We are aware of the possible risks associated with smoking, and for a reasonable cause! One of the least healthful habits, smokin is among Australia’s leading causes of death. Everyone who smokes is urged to give up the habit, but it is an extremely hard addiction to kick. Now smokers are actively looking for the finest vape shop near Zetland to assist their long-term goal of quitting.

Many people are unaware that vaping and electronic cigarettes can both safely and successfully aid you in quitting smoking. These are just a few advantages of switching to e-cigarettes when trying to stop smoking.

We have all you desire in our vape shop, whether you're a novice or a pro vaper

The Steamery is the ideal vape shop near Zetland for both newcomers entering the world of vaping and experienced customers seeking a seamless experience. To enhance your experience, we provide a limitless selection of fuss-free vapes and specialised mods in one spot. To explore flavour-boosted e-liquids and billowing clouds, we’ve selected premium brands from around the globe to give you the best and broadest selection of vapes in Zetland.

Vapes for every taste

We recognise that the enormous variety at our vape shop in Zetland can appear a little daunting. As a result, we provide a variety of hassle-free, and sensible vape starting kits. With these all-in-one vapes, the only thing you have to do to get started is to charge the batteries and fill the tanks. You can get modern designs with chic metallic and leather finishes in a variety of colours, whether it’s a pod, stick, or box. Thanks to the tiny body that fits effortlessly into a bag or purse, you can unwind on a night out, during a coffee break, or at any other free moment in your schedule.

Whatever experienced vapers need to satisfy their cravings is available at our vape shop. For people who like to take puffs and vape regularly, our Zetland vape shop has a wide selection of mods and custom vapes.

In our vape shop, you can also find DIY supplies, coils, tanks, and applicators, enabling you to choose and customise your vape to ensure a pleasant experience.

Your best vape shop in Zetland welcomes you!

Our Zetland vape shop’s whole inventory has been carefully chosen to improve your vaping experience. We’ll guide you through the confusing world of vaping, whether you’re just getting started or seeking to add to your collection, so you can quickly select a vaporiser that appeals to you. At The Steamery, two vaping enthusiasts who went on to open their own business, now lets you choose the flavour, offering you a special glimpse into what it’s like to professionally run a vape shop. You can shop for vapes in Zetland confidently because of the wide selection and renowned brands at reasonable prices.

We are Zetland's best vape shop!

We are a vape shop with locations all around Australia. We are proud to mention that we are Australian-owned and run. Since we first began operating in 2012, The Steamery has been Australia’s leading choice for e-liquids, nic salts, disposable vapes, pods, starter kits, and other associated accessories.

Only the top vaporiser goods are available at The Steamery. In hopes of giving you just the best new vaping products, our staff, which selects different products, has years of experience in the vaping industry and keeps up with market changes. Disposables, vape juice, starter kits, and box mods are the vaping products we offer from recognised Australian and international manufacturers.

Check out our reliable and consistent customer care

We aim to exceed your expectations! We cherish the time and money you spend in our vape shop near Zetland. We are committed to maintaining a cheerful attitude, providing unique suggestions, responding to your inquiries immediately, and, most importantly, providing you with a satisfying shopping experience. Moreover, we offer free standard shipping on orders worth more than $80!

Our team at The Steamery always aspires to be the best. However, we are committed to swiftly and adequately resolving your grievances.

Visit our Zetland vape shop to purchase authentic merchandise

Be reassured that you’re purchasing only genuine electronic cigarette items from the manufacturer when you shop at The Steamery. We have maintained our trustworthiness over the years. As one of the largest distributors of electronic cigarettes and accessories in Australia, we have built solid business relationships with the biggest companies in the sector, allowing us to offer the best products and vapes at competitive prices.

Discovering our secret discounts

Call our Zetland vape shop at (02) 9698 2623 if you have any inquiries regarding our selection or would like to place an order. Would you want to get notifications of sales and exclusive discount codes? Send an email to to receive special discounts on our products!

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