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We’ve all seen it. 120ml bottles that are super affordable, but are the flavours as cheap as the price tag? Long story short, no, these are pretty amazing for a locally made Aussie e-liquid. Complex have made some fantastic lines; the Kahuna line in particular has been phenomenal. Full transparency here, I’ve gotten a bottle of each and I’ve found my favourite 3 flavours. It’s been hard trying to get through 120mls, and I think I’ve about vaped myself out. They are all pretty damned nice, and they can easily be an all-day vape, but these are my top 3.

Cola Battles. ????????

I wasn’t sure about this one. My history of cola flavours and vaping hasn’t been incredible, but this is pretty good. Don’t think cola drink, think Coke bottle lollies. Allen’s retro party mix pack or even the Haribo party packs. I genuinely fish the coke bottles out of the lolly bags, so I feel like I’ve spoilt myself here. This stuff tastes just like the coke bottle lollies to me, and that’s a winner!

CVsTard. ????

Cuh-vustard? Or as most customers have said “The custard one thanks” A wonderful take on the tobacco & custard vaping staple. This is an exquisite vape for the sophisticated tobacco & custard enthusiast. A deep smoked custard rich in flavour, topped with a heavenly tobacco aroma, simply marvellous…. But for real, if you are a fan of the VCT type juices, you will love this one. The custard really powers through here, if you just love custards, it’s still worth a shot.

Peach out: ????????

Peaches and cream! Finally, a peach flavour that I haven’t gotten sick of after 10mls. This stuff is good and is my personal favourite from the entire line. Think Allen’s peaches and cream lollies and this is exactly what this taste like to me. This juice brings me joy beyond belief that I have committed 3 different devices to this flavour. My new all day vape currently. what’s even better it’s only $20 ????????

Verdict? ????????

Overall, this stuff is good. The price tag was a bit shocking. There’s always that concern with big bulk buy juices they always taste a bit off, or aren’t steeped properly, or whatever. But that isn’t the case here. This stuff is good, come down and get some ????

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