My coil tastes burnt!

My coil tastes burnt even when I have just changed it! It’s an interesting and challenging preposition to be faced with for any vaper.

Most people would simply ask are you running your mod too high. Is there juice in your Atty/Tank? Definitely not silly questions at all though a few other questions we should ask are;

  • Did you prime your coil properly?
  • What %VG is your juice?
  • Are you running a Ti or Ni coil and hitting in wattage mode (Most regulated mods protect you from this)
  • Is it a premade coil or is it a build? (more on building your own later in our blog) If it’s a build did you prefire/dry fire/test fire your build?


We will focus on the first additional question, some of the others go hand in hand so will be covered off inadvertently, however, the main premise will be the extreme importance of proper priming and the methods to achieve this. I genuinely hope to highlight that if you prime your coil correctly nothing short of stupidity will stand in the way of a continuation of the sensational health* and flavour romance we lovingly refer to as Vaping.


Priming your coil; the golden rule is when you replace a coil, give your tank a clean, depending on how retentive you are this may mean give it a wipe and go! or pull the whole thing apart clean and wash in warm water, dry components by hand then allow to air dry for a few hours (important as some water may remain in places your tissue/paper towel/lint free cloth/tea towel can’t reach), either way I would recommend a Tank/Atty clean whenever time permits while changing a coil or build.


Replace your coil with a fresh coil; premade coils are easy as sinning in Kings Cross on a Friday night with a pocket full of $100 notes, out with the old in with the new, right.


Fill your Tank/Atty, fill it all the way, priming will drop the level so ensure you have a full tank so there is no chance of getting overzealous and wasting a new coil by burning it dry within minutes of priming it correctly.


So a great priming technique no matter what coils/tank you use is drip priming your coil. A few or many (TFV4 tank users will know what I’m getting at) small drops of juice into the cotton wicking of your coil will go a long way, takes only a few seconds and bears results quickly, but, you will still need to follow normal protocols and allow some time to let the final gravity prime occur. Or you can; force flood prime by covering the air intake and sucking, you will see bubbles of air emanate from your coil wicking zones, this isn’t the best method for new Vapers simply because if you force flood prime and suck in too many times, you can literally force a flood (hence the name) and end up with Juice everywhere.


What is gravity priming? It is the organic nature of standard priming; fill Tank/Atty with juice stand upright and let gravity/nature run its course.


Priming/wicking time: will always depend on the coil type you are using, organic cotton isn’t as simple as you might think, some coils wick juice quickly and some take a little soaking time. 2-10 mins is usually a good time to let nature/gravity take effect on your juice/coils.

There should be a small allowance for the viscosity of the juice you are going to run, I.E. A 50/50 VG/PG will usually wick or soak a coil faster than a MAX VG juice. Due to the internal design of some coils your juice may take longer to be absorbed into a new coil, so it will always be a little trial and error. That is why once you think you are primed, don’t just hit it. You should test Hit/ dead Hit/ dry Hit the coil, meaning; we set up as if we are about to vape, airflows open/closed depending on your normal vaping preferences, take a hit from your Tank/Atty without activating the battery (I.E. don’t push the fire button). The suction created will force the e-liquid into the coil’s wicking area and allows the wick to become saturated with e-liquid, like force flood priming but without the force of closing off airflow completely. This should be done 3-5 times and each time have a look for air bubbles, bubbles mean there is juice filling air pockets in your coil, this is a good thing. When you have done this and air bubbles are either gone, or, very small and very sporadic it’s time to start breaking in the coil.


Many vapers will get over zealous here and fly off at 100 miles an hour or worse yet at 100watts. By applying too much power to the coil right after its primed/pre-primed can and usually will burn your coil.  The best advice that can be given here is to start off using a low wattage/voltage and this will entirely depend on the type of coil you are running. How can this be worked out? the simple answer is; get to know Ohm’s law. The even simpler solution find a trusty online Ohm’s law calculator like this one


So a 0.5 Ohm Atlantis coil at 20 watts is running 3.16228 volts so if your voltage inclined that is a good place to start, this is the low end of the Atlantis coils designated range (20-30W), you could even start a little lower at maybe 3 volts even (18Watts) but start will small quick hits, remember we are breaking the coil in, not vying for champion of the Rodeo. Quick hit your coil 5-10 times with a 5-15 second break between hits and your coil should be ready to go and should function flawlessly. I have used this method since I started vaping using as mentioned above, 0.5 Ohm Atlantis coils, so far it hasn’t failed me on any others either. I’m sure if you follow this method, I doubt you’ll experience any issues either. Vape On people


Because I personally love Dad jokes and Bad puns, remember. Forgetting to Prime is a vaping crime!!


Vape, eat, sleep: Repeat.

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